It begins

I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time. Today, I have finally beaten my lazy-self to start what I hope is beneficial to both you and me. I have been playing cricket since the age of 10…not missing one summer. I figured it was time I share what I have learned from cricket over the past 14 years and what I continue to learn from here onwards.


I have seen many sides to the gentleman’s game and I hope to share my journey with you. Some of the topics I will cover will range from the technical side of cricket, to being a captain, being an administrator, and being a fan of the game. I will also provide weekly updates on the progress of the league games we play as I look to attain my goals and dreams as a club cricketer

I believe some of the lessons I have learned can be drawn from any passion one pursues. I look forward to finding common ground with you. So sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy the ride!

‘A cricketer’s life is a life of splendid freedom, healthy effort, endless variety, and delightful good fellowship.’ – W.G. Grace 

  1. Hi Brendon

    Thanks…really looking forward to sharing what I have learnt and getting people’s thoughts on various topics.

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